Apple’s next desktop system is the iMac Classic

"Old is the new new"

The most recent iMac has only been out for 171 days but Apple has just announced that the latest desktop Mac will be available to order next month. This comes as a surprise to Apple enthusiasts that weren’t expecting a refresh until 2017. More surprising is that the evolution of Apple’s desktop is following in the footsteps of the recent iPhone SE announcement.

The new iPhone SE. Or this could be the iPhone 5 actually, we're not sure. Image © Wikicommons/neilpcronin

“Old is the new new”, said Tim Cook during yesterday’s somewhat lacklustre keynote. The comment highlights the design decisions that went into making the iPhone SE and the next desktop machine: the iMac Classic. Sporting the body of Apple’s beloved 1998 desktop computer, the iMac Classic packs all the latest internal tech you would expect from their usually sleek desktop machines.

Some say the design change is a step backwards but Apple says they're celebrating their past.

Apple have been careful to point out that the iMac Classic isn’t just a 1998 iMac. It’s the latest desktop technology that Apple users love but in a now-retro design that will appeal to the nostalgia of Apple fans. Apple’s press release for the iMac Classic explains the advantages of the new system:

“Our newest desktop takes everything you loved about the latest and greatest Apple computers and puts it in the classic 1998 iMac casing. For example, we’ve brought the old design into the modern day by completely removing the optical disk drive! This really is the best of our newest machines; you have to do everything with USB and downloads.”

Will the iMac Classic catch on? Some industry experts have suggested that customers will be put off by the 1998 design, claiming that Apple are becoming lazy and losing their innovate edge. This is a fair point but ignores the fact that it’s Apple, so naturally it would sell bucketloads if the casing had nothing inside.