The Devil is suing a man for unwanted advocacy

We take a look at both sides

In an unprecedented turn of events, the Devil has announced that he plans to sue a man for libel and slander due to repeated and unwanted attempts at “advocacy”. In a statement the Devil revealed that the man has been engaging in argumentative conversations both online and off for years, claiming to be the Devil’s advocate in an attempt to camouflage his own opinions:

“I mean, at first it didn’t bother me, but as time went on I found he insisted on putting forward opinions that I never would. I’m all for considering other points of view and opening up the conversation but most of the time he was putting forward thoughts that were either plainly unpopular for a reason or completely missed the point of the original argument and then acting as though I was the source for them. I can’t face that kind of damage to my reputation, you know? I’m the Devil, but even I don’t think my perspective is invaluable in every discussion.”

We reached out to the man for comment and he seemed disbelieving:

“I can’t really believe the Devil would do this, I’ve been defending his position for years. Of course I can’t accept the lived experiences of others without insensitively judging them and attempting to prove them wrong. I don’t understand why the Devil can’t see my side of things!”

Court proceedings are due to begin today, April 1st, and the Devil’s actual advocate feels fairly confident they’ll be successful: “Though I have attempted to explain to my client that the defendant is perhaps incorrectly understanding that his opinions do not immediately become fact when he expresses them in advocacy of the Devil, my client is still of the view that be that as it may, this doesn’t make his own experience and views irrelevant and so we will proceed.”

We will continue to provide updates as the case goes on. Stay tuned!

Image © Kris Straub

Main Image © Warner Bros