Sidekix is a navigation app for exploring your city

Take the road less travelled

Cities are huge and sprawling, filled with hidden gems you might never uncover without someone telling you they’re there or walking past them by chance, especially if you’re only visiting for a short time. Even when you live in a city you won’t find everything; you have established routes that you go on – most often they’re the routes that get you where you need to be fastest – and you’re so busy living your life it’s difficult to find the time to be a tourist.

That’s where navigation app Sidekix might prove useful. Sidekix claims to be the “ultimate city navigation app”, aiming to help you find new places that might interest you when you’re out walking.

The idea is fairly simple, just enter your destination into the app, select whether you’re interested in finding places for fashion, food, culture, or drinks and the app will generate a route that highlights places of interest you’ll see on the way, and it’ll try to generate a different route each time. If you’re walking at night you can even use the app to find the best-lit route to get you home safely. If your friends also have the app you can share places you’ve visited and keep each other updated on where you are in the in-app chat.

We asked the app’s creator where they pull suggestions for places to visit from and how they ensure they’re useful:

“We use information from a combination of social media and lifestyle sites, and we triangulate the information to ensure its accuracy. Because cities are so dynamic, with new businesses constantly opening and closing, we needed to verify with multiple sources that the details we are providing on them are correct. Places with higher combined ratings show first more prominently on the app.

Other kinds of information we get from cities themselves, for example, we use street lighting information to offer better lit routes for when you’re walking at night.

We also work with local bloggers who are experts on a particular part of town to include locally curated content in the app, and to suggest “hidden-gems” that even locals might not know about. We will soon be adding cool new data around street art, street food, and pop-ups, to suggest cool new routes and maximize the experience of walking in your city.”

At the moment Sidekix is only available in London which is its launch city, but they already have sizeable amounts of data for other cities in Europe and the USA and there are plans to expand to Paris, Berlin, and New York next.

If you’re in London or planning to visit, you can download the app free for iOS now. It’ll be available for Android later this year.