This app will help you find nerdy events near you

It's probably more efficient than a bat signal

As much as nerd culture is increasing in popularity and elements of it are steadily sliding into the mainstream, it can still be difficult to track down niche events close to you. Sure, you hear about all the large conventions and conferences that go on for days and attract thousands of visitors. But the smaller, particularly one-off events are harder to come by organically, especially if you’re only visiting somewhere and we hate missing out.

That’s why we were excited to discover Nerd Out, an event calendar app that helps you track down nerdy events in your local area. The app is simple to use: you just set up your profile and access the main menu. From here you can access a calendar which will have events in your area organised by date with details of time, place and content. You can save events to remind you which events you want to attend as well as add friends to share where you’re going and where you’ve been. Or if your friends don’t have the app you can share events you find in the app through text, email, or social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to make sure no one misses out.

Events on the app are updated daily and if you’re holding one yourself you can even submit it through the Nerd Out website. All events go through a verification process to try and ensure user safety and the app has a zero-tolerance approach to harassment which will see users blocked from their accounts for inappropriate behaviour.

Right now the app has information for many cities in the US but the only UK city available is London. You can easily change that, though, as cities are added on a request basis. To request your own city you simply have to send Nerd Out an email or social media message and they add it to their list. The more requests an area has, the faster it will be added to the app but they say it typically takes between 1 and 3 months for a new location to be added.

The kinds of events the app pulls out seem quite diverse, too. Though you can’t narrow it down by interest, which would be useful for faster searching, it highlights everything from musical theatre and film events, to large conventions, to things as niche as a Doctor Who Magazine 500th edition celebration. Prepare to have your interests catered to.

If you’d like to discover some nerdy events happening close to where you live or a place you’re visiting you can download Nerd Out for free via iTunes or Google Play now. We’d also just like to compliment the app creators on their logo; hurrah for representing diversity!

Main Image: Nerd Out