This book about women in cybersecurity aims to reduce the gender gap

10% of cybersecurity professionals are women


Cyber security is a male-dominated field, which should come as no surprise given the state of the entire tech industry. When 14,000 cyber security professionals were surveyed last year, only 10% were female. This shocked Jane Frankland, who has worked in cybersecurity for 20 years. She wanted to tell the world that something needed to be done so she started a blog, which soon went viral in the field. Now she’s writing a book to highlight the gender gap and get more women interested in the field.

Fankland’s next project, Women in Cyber Security: Standard not the Exception, began life as a 15,000 word report on the problem but is being supplemented with case studies and interviews to make worth publishing as a book. She hopes the book will help communicate that there’s a skill shortage in cybersecurity; that women are perfectly poised to enter the field; that cybercrime itself is rising so it’s a job for the future; and that improving the gender gap makes things better for everyone.

Frankland hopes to interview entrepreneurs, academics, and government officials. She’s crowdfunding to support a team helping with the interviews, case studies, editing, and publishing. If you want to see the book become a reality, you can back it on Kickstarter where it’s over a third of its way towards the £6,500 goal with 25 days remaining. You can back it from as little as £2 and receive a copy of the book too if you back it at £15.

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