Yecup keeps your drink hot or cold and even charges your phone

What a time to be alive

Connected doorbells. Connected showers. Connected bathroom mirrors. Everything is becoming smart or connected and it seems cups are no exception. Yecup 365 is a cup designed to keep your drink at the ideal temperature throughout the year. A nice hot coffee to keep you cosy in the winter months? It will be hot all day. Refreshingly cold water in the height of summer? It will be cold all day. It’s connected to your smartphone and does a whole lot more than any cup has any right to.

Yecup 365 can heat or cool your drink and the temperature is controlled in your smartphone. You pour in the drink, set a temperature, and then receive a notification when the drink is ready. The cup then keeps the liquid at that temperature for the rest of the day. No more horrible moments of realisation as you sip ice-cold coffee by mistake.

Yecup 365 also doubles as a portable phone charger. We love phone chargers that are built into other things you already carry around. It makes so much sense rather than having a bunch of devices. Not only do you have the ideal drink with you when camping, working, or jogging; now you don’t run the risk of losing your connection to the rest of the world. There’s enough power in Yecup 365 to charge your phone 3 times in a day and still keep your drink at the right temperature.

Yecup Technologies are crowdfunding on Indiegogo to bring Yecup 365 to market. They’ve already smashed the $30,000 target with a month to go. There’s a 120z and 14oz version and some backing options come with the wireless charger or fast-charging adapter. The cheapest backing option still available is $109 (£76.58) plus shipping for $10 (£7.03). This will get you the 12oz version and doesn’t include the wireless dock.

Images © Yecup Techologies