FlipFlic turns your boring blinds into smart blinds

Come on, house fixtures. Keep up!

Home automation is becoming a big thing and it seems future homes will learn your habits and have things just the way you like them. The security system can kick in when you go to sleep. The thermostat can heat the place in time for you arriving home from work. In theory we should have more time to do the things we care about when the boring stuff is done automatically.

A downside of the move to home automation is that we already own a lot of tech and household appliances that aren’t “smart”. Some companies have thought of clever workarounds to bring our old tech into the modern times by making them smart and connected. FlipFlic is the latest attempt and looks to smarten up your blinds.

The thinking behind FlipFlic is that you shouldn’t have to buy a fancy new window or blinds to let home automation control the amount of light entering a room. Instead, FlipFlic simply attaches to your existing blinds with no tools and give it blinds superpowers. It attaches to any blinds that have slats that can be adjusted to different angles. It’s even solar-powered so you don’t need to worry about energy.

FlipFlic has sensors to read light levels and temperature so it can adjust your blinds accordingly. Or if you’re already really into your home automation, FlipFlic can also connect to many home hubs and be controlled by your master program.

Smart windows and blinds are pretty expensive at the moment so FlipFlic could be affordable if this is the type of thing your home needs. The system is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter right now and has almost reached its $50,000 target with 38 days to go. The best early bird backing options are already gone but you can still get you the full FlipFlic pack for $85 (£60) plus shipping at $15 (£10.56).

Images © FlipFlic