Improve everything you own with these creative videogame pins

Super Smash Bros meets Star Wars. Now we're talking

It’s not always practical or possible for every item of clothing and every accessory you own to express your love of geek culture. As much as you might want that, sometimes an occasion calls for a more plain style of dress. That’s not to say, however, that it has to be plain all the time. One of the best impermanent ways of having geeky clothing is using pins. Most of us, no doubt, have that bag or other accessory that’s covered in pins relevant to our interests. They’re useful in that if the item is no longer usable it can be replaced and the pins reapplied and, if you need it for a situation that calls for more sombre attire you can simply remove the geekery.

The biggest challenge is finding great pins, which is why we were pretty excited to come across this creative collection from Etsy store Bainevisuals. These pins feature some of our favourite Nintendo videogame characters and mash them up with other pop culture characters in creative ways.

One of our favourites is the collection shown above which crosses Super Smash Bros with Star Wars resulting in Mario Skywalker, Darth Bowser, Luigi Solo, Chewy Kong, The Princess, R2DToad, Waluigi-O, Wario Trooper, and Yoshi Fett. How could we fail to love that?

There’s also a Mario and Pokemon crossover which has Mario cosplay as Ash Ketchum. Another especially creative pin has Pokemon Hypno, Alakazam and Mewtwo playing in a psychic-delic Alaka-jam band.

There are plenty of pins to browse through starring more figures from the Nintendo and Star Wars universes. There is quite a wide price range but for one pin you can generally expect to pay between £5 and £10 plus £8.30 delivery to the UK.

Images: Bainevisuals