You can play a 3D Legend of Zelda tribute in your browser

And you thought you were going to be productive today

It’s been 30 years since The Legend of Zelda was first released and to this day it remains not only one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises but one of the most beloved franchises in gaming generally. To mark the occasion two fans, Mike Magee and Scott Lininger, are working on a playable tribute to the 1986 NES title.

The game is 3D and voxel based and you can play it now for free in your browser, even on mobile, though the creators ask that players bear in mind it’s not 100% finished and they’re still working on parts of it; thus far there are only three dungeons and they’re constantly working on the glitches being reported back to them through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The game was made entirely in WebGL and even features the original 8-bit soundtrack. You can find it to play yourself over at the Zelda30Tribute website. We advise you try it as soon as possible; even though the creators have explicitly stated than the game is a fan tribute and will always be free to play it’s highly likely Nintendo will hit them with some kind of cease and desist order before long. We hope they don’t though; it’s a wonderful tribute and it’d be nice to see it worked on until completion. Or at least until the 4th dungeon.