DoBox is a dream accessory for Apple fans

It's a Swiss Army dock for iOS

One of the best things about Apple is how well their products work together. Your iPhone calls and texts can appear on your desktop, you can stream content between them, and everything syncs up nicely. A thoroughly integrated ecosystem can be bad if it makes you feel trapped but is good when everything goes so smoothly. But it doesn’t always go smoothly, especially for iOS users.

The iPad is a great tool for really productive work these days, yet you have to buy a ton of accessories to make it play nice with the rest of your tech. You might need Apple TV to stream your video to HDMI monitor; wireless storage solutions due to the lack of USB; a portable battery to keep you working all day; and countless Lightning adapters for things like SD cards. All that adds up to hundreds of pounds.

DoBox is a single dock that looks to be the ultimate solution that makes working with iOS easy. It’s a box with 3.5 mm jack, HDMI port, micro USB for charging, x2 USB ports, and an ethernet port. It can help bring the whole ecosystem together or simply make an iOS device more capable as a standalone computer.

DoBox has internal storage but also reads micro SD cards and connects to USB hard drives. If you plug it into a speaker, you can stream audio from your device. It does the same thing with video streaming to HDMI-compatible monitors and projectors. It’s even a charger so you can keep your phone and tablet topped up and work all day. It also saves the need for something like an AirPort Express as DoBox can create a Wi-Fi network from a wired connection or work as a wireless router.

DoBox should appeal to anyone using iOS devices to be productive as it will save a lot money. If it does well and becomes popular, you’ll find more and more apps accessing its ports as the developers are making it easily hackable with open source software. For example, your favourite app could access the USB to use a mouse or joystick.

It already does so much as it is but there are several stretch goals that look to make it even more capable. The most interesting additions are integrated Bluetooth at $150,000 and wireless charging for the Apple Watch at $500,000.

To build and distribute DoBox, the developers are looking for at least £60,000 on Kickstarter and have reached £41,000 with 23 days to go. The early bird pledges are all gone but you can still get your own with a pledge of £119.

Images © DoBox Ltd.