These Game of Thrones USB sticks are cool, but miss a trick


We wrote recently about the awesomely progressive Game of Thrones figurines, with their fierce female characters and not a half-dressed model in sight. Then we got a press release about the official USB sticks (yep, that’s a thing now) – and frankly we’re disappointed.

Not because they don’t feature female characters – they do – but because they’ve missed a really obvious trick. Take a look at the available designs:

Arya, Jon Snow, Drogon, Daenerys, Tyrion and Ghost.

Did you notice what we noticed? All the USBs have the character’s head as a removable cap. If you’re going to do that – for Game of Thrones of all things – how do you not make a Ned Stark one?! None of those characters have been de-bonced (yet, at least), so the slightly gory mechanism of opening the stick is a bit weird, if not perhaps an obscure reminder that All Characters Must Die.

But we think it’s inexcusable to have left the famously-headless Ned (if this is a spoiler for you, sorry, but the book where it happens came out two decades ago) out of the lineup. Worse, there’s no Robb Stark either – if we’re doing direwolves, they could have done Robb and Grey Wind and let you swap the heads. Macabre, yes, but a nice nod to the story.

Tut. You know nothing, merch makers.

The official Game of Thrones USB sticks are available from the HBO EU shop for £15.99 each.

All images: HBO shop

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