“Woman Up” – sweary feminist anthem of the year?

Can't wait for the YouTube comments

If you’ve ever wondered why “man up” or “grow a pair” is the default language for strength in our society, you now have a super-sweary, kickass feminist anthem to back you up. “Woman Up,” by London jazz band Four Femmes on the Thames, takes the phrase to task with a very valid point: if we’re talking strength, a vagina has it in spades over a pair of dangly balls.

Featuring rhyming brilliance like “Let’s take the plunge for the clunge” and “Don’t be a diva, celebrate the beaver,” as well as a healthy sprinking of C-words, the song makes its point beautifully: if we’re going to pick a set of genitals to associate with being tough, maybe super-sensitive balls shouldn’t make the grade.

Unsurprisingly, the video already has some depressing YouTube comments even at 27,000 views (and trust us, it’ll go a LOT higher). If we know the internet, the Femmes are probably in for some deeply crappy messages over the next few days, but they seem pretty tough if the song’s anything to go by.


Personally, I’m not going to start saying “grow a twat,” though – I think focusing on genitals when telling people to be strong is a bit weird. Instead of “grow a pair,” I’d prefer “grow a spine” – but that doesn’t have a catchy theme tune, and this does. That’s one in the eye for the male version, so to speak.

Main image: Four Femmes on the Thames via YouTube

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