6 things we want this week

It's Buyday Friday again!

It’s April and we’re not sure whether to wear sunglasses or our winter woolies, so what better way to comfort ourselves in these times of weather uncertainty than with a lovely Buyday Friday post?

Editor Holly

SkinnyDip London bags

I’m a big fan of Skinny Dip’s cartoonish aesthetic, and every time I go into their shop off Carnaby Street I want to buy everything. So I haven’t been able to narrow it down to just one bag: I want both of these. I might even wear them at once, since they’re probably too small to actually hold anything.

It’s a constant struggle in my life to find a clutch bag that is beautiful and holds a big smartphone. I like big phones and I cannot lie.

UFO Cross Body Bag, £28, and Blue Zap Cross Body Bag, £30, SkinnyDip London

Cartoon constellations dress

I love Cakes With Faces (yep, that’ll be the cartoony look again), and they sponsored our #EggAid charity campaign recently, so they’re even more in my good books than usual.

This beautiful inky blue skater dress is covered with constellations, but if you look closely they’re not real ones: unless the Great Cake Slice and Sponge of Victoria have been discovered while I wasn’t paying attention.

£30 from Cakes With Faces

Gamer in Chief Emma

Ariel Hipster Pop! Vinyl Figure 

I absolutely love pretty much every doll that Pop! Vinyl comes out with and although I initially scoffed at the idea of hipster Disney princesses, it turns out I love them too. What power do these dolls have over me? The hipster princesses line features Belle, Ariel, and Jasmine and although I’m finding it really difficult to choose one I’ve decided to settle on Ariel. Or maybe I should just buy all three instead?

£10.99 from Forbidden Planet

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza box bag

I hardly think I need to explain why I want this. Would you look at it? If ever I was going to buy a statement bag it would have to be this one because not only do I love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and this would perfectly match an adorable t-shirt I have, I have a passion for pizza that surpasses even theirs and I would very much like that love of pizza to be integrated into every outfit I wear.

£24 from  Soft Kitty Clothing.

Science Officer Jen

Diabolical Nail Polish

“Günther was slain in the catacombs.”

I must be the world’s biggest Wes Anderson fan. Seriously. My room is filled with bits and bobs inspired by the movies. I have notebooks based on Margo’s “Three Plays” and “Coping With The Very Troubled Child”. The Diabolical Nail Polish set is inspired by the colour scheme of Grand Budapest Hotel and quotes by M. Gustave. “Dear god, what have you done to your fingernails?”

The colours are “Dynamite in the sack” (purple), “Physically repulsive” (pink), and “Enchanting old ruin” (grey). The packaging looks like something straight from Mendl’s.

£12.99 from Firebox

Jiji crossbody bag

I’m a Studio Ghibli geek and I’m all about Kiki’s Delivery Service. Seriously, you don’t want to know how many times I’ve cosplayed as Kiki. Naturally my favourite cat ever is the sarcastic but loveable Jiji and this bag is something that must be mine.

£16.73 plus £13.47 shipping from Hot Topic

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