SwiftKey’s new keyboard will help you write like Shakespeare

Don't worry, you won't have to text in rhyming couplets

The course of a good text never did run smooth, but whether you consider it friend or foe, SwiftKey’s prediction is pretty good at learning your language patterns. To do their part in celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the company has been working with VisitLondon to develop a keyboard app with prediction software they say will enable you to write just like the Bard.

Called ShakeSpeak, the app was developed by analysing The Complete Works of Shakespeare and will prompt users to sprinkle their sentences with Elizabethan language where appropriate. Frankly, we don’t think the work “Hark” is exclaimed enough these days and exclamations are so on brand for the Bard. The app will also be able to complete any famous Shakespearean phrases you throw at it. If you type the first couple of words of a famous phrase, ShakeSpeak will attempt to complete the sentence by offering up the correct words for selection.

The app isn’t perfect when it comes to establishing the correct context for the words and it’s fairly limited in what it can do, especially if you type so fast you don’t even give it the chance to offer up suggestions, but it’s a neat gimmick to play around with and I imagine as with all of SwiftKey’s keyboards, it gets better the more you use it and allow it to learn from you. Besides, I really liked the overall parchment-like appearance of the keyboard.

If ShakeSpeak appeals to thine own interests you can download it free from Google Play now.

Main Image via Google Play