This DIY project combines Raspberry Pi and IKEA to make the ultimate arcade table

Complete with instructions to make your own

We love the Raspberry Pi 3 and the amazing DIY projects people come up with for the £30 computer. There have been Pi-powered robots and even internet-enabled cat flaps, but most of our favourites are retro gaming systems such as the PiGRRL 2 portable console. Our latest favourite is a DIY project to build a retro gaming table using a cheap IKEA purchase, a Raspberry Pi 3, and some extras.

The PiK3A is reminiscent of coin-operated arcades but this project lets you have your own at home in the form of a minimalist gaming table. The table itself is an IKEA Lack modified to hold the Raspberry Pi 3 and other electronics out of view and display emulated games on the monitor cut into the top. There are traditional arcade buttons and a stick too. Inside there are a bunch of cables and an Arduino Leonardo for connecting it all together.

The DIY guide on element14 (provided by user spannerspencer) details how to take apart the monitor, how to cut the IKEA table in just the right way, and how to wire the controls to the Raspberry Pi 3 via the Arduino Leonardo board. There are also speakers for sound and USB ports in case you need to plug in a keyboard or gamepad someday. It takes quite a bit of work but it should be worth the reward for a table that plays all your favourite games of yesteryear, from classic arcade titles to SNES games.

If you’ve got the time and want a coffee table that can play Super Mario World, head over to element14 and check out the instructions. For more inspiration, check out our top 5 Raspberry Pi DIY projects.

Main image via element14/spannerspencer