Become a literary outlaw with this mobile game

Scramble up the classics

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When you’re travelling or enjoying some downtime, often the most pleasant way to occupy yourself is to play a game or read a book. Losswords is a mobile game that invites you to do both. Humanity losing itself, its culture, and its love of the written word thanks to the rise of technology is a common theme in literature and Losswords uses this theme as its story and proves it wrong with its gameplay.

Losswords is set in a future world where books have been banned and videogames are the only form of culture we’re allowed to consume. You are a literary outlaw, a member of a secret literary underground group called The Readers trying to keep books alive and out of the hands of the government. You’re doing this by scrambling up passages of great classic literature and sending them to other readers to unscramble and read.

That’s the story, so how does it play? Well, Losswords appears to be a straightforward social puzzle game. First, the player takes a passage from an actual work of classic literature and searches through the existing words to find smaller words contained in them. For example, in the word ‘currently’ you could highlight and extract the word ‘rent’. You get points for all the words you’re able to extract, but you’re also generating another puzzle because when you’ve extracted all the words you can, your chopped up version of the passage is sent to another player along with all of the leftover letters and it’s their task to put the passage back together as it appeared originally.

Since each player will scramble up a passage differently and the Losswords developers have the thousands of classic works from public domain sources Project Gutenberg at their disposal to draw passages from, the puzzles available for you to solve are ever-changing and almost endless.

Losswords is a game that makes the most of our love of words and seems to be a great way to bring together the pleasure of reading great literature and the engagement of playing a game. Local No. 12, the team behind the game, have a complete design and they’ve created a prototype but they’ve moved to Kickstarter in an attempt to raise $5000 that will help them move on with production. Local No. 12 have had Kickstarter success before with card game The Metagame and they’re hoping for a repeat. With $3257 raised at time of writing with 29 days of their campaign still to go, this seems likely.

If you’d like to make Losswords happen and try it out for yourself, pledging $10 will secure you an iOS version of the game when it’s released January 2017. Unfortunately, there’s no Android version available yet, but there are apparently plans to unveil stretch goals once the initial funding goal is reached that will see the game created for other platforms.

Images via Kickstarter