Flyboard Air looks to be the first true hoverboard

Please be real

Sci-fi films have promised us a lot of tech we should have by now. Where are our flying cars and jetpacks? Why aren’t we living on Mars? Worst of all, Back to the Future Day came and went and we still don’t have hoverboards. Anything claiming to be a hoverboard hasn’t really lived up to the name. There are the Segway-like hoverboards that don’t, you know, hover. And there have been experimental hoverboards that barely leave the ground, can’t be steered, and are ultimately disappointing.

The closest we’ve come in recent years to an experience like the hoverboard in Back to the Future II is the Flyboard that uses water propulsion and is connected to a pump with hoses. It was created by Franky Zapata and as fun as it looks it isn’t really the same as a hoverboard that could be taken anywhere, away from the water source. Zapata claims that his next project is the real deal though and has the videos to prove it. Check it out:

The Flyboard Air looks too good to be true, which is exactly why people are being wary to accept it as legit. The video certainly looks realistic and the technology isn’t impossible. The board itself looks like a drone but uses jet propulsion and takes fuel from a backpack worn by the user. Franky himself looks completely comfortable zooming around on what looks like the first real hoverboard. Using it over water is apparently a safety precaution rather than a requirement for the technology. There’s another video on the Zapata Racing Facebook page:

For those who think the Flyboard Air is a fake..... A normal training day @ ZR ....???Stay tuned this week end we break a record ????

Posted by ZAPATA RACING on Monday, 11 April 2016

The fact that viewers of the videos are claiming that the Flyboard Air is fake shows just how amazing this tech is if it’s real. This wouldn’t be the first hoax in the world of hoverboards. Have we been duped once again or is it the real deal? We’re taking a close look at the videos to spot evidence of editing but so far it looks good. If fake, it could be a PR stunt to bring more attention to the regular water-powered Flyboards. Time will tell if it’s legit but the optimists in us really want to have a go as soon as possible.

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