Geeky candles you need in your life

We love the smell of geekery in the morning

Sometimes a book, a film, a TV show or a game is so good you lose yourself in it completely. You can become so involved in the sights, the sounds, and the descriptions there are moments where you feel like you’re actually in this universe you love. But then the smell of your coffee (as delicious as it is) wafts under your nose, the spell is broken and you find yourself highly aware that you’re just sitting in your living room. You just wanted to stay a little longer. Well, we’ve got a suggestion for you: scented candles. Curling up to get lost in a well-worn copy of Harry Potter? A candle that smells like the Gryffindor common room could only make the experience more magical.

To help you involve as many senses as possible in your geekery, we’ve tracked down some scented candles inspired by locations in some of our favourite geeky universes. Let your nose take you somewhere else.

Harry Potter

You can find a scented candle for almost any aspect of the Harry Potter universe, from highly specific Amortentia combinations to the smell of Dobby’s freshly washed socks of freedom. These are inspired by some memorable locations in the books and films.

Nocturn Alley

For anyone with a penchant for the dark arts, this candle from Nook and Burrow should appeal to you. With a fragrance of aromatic incense, dragons blood & smoked pine you’ll feel like you stumbled into Borgin and Burkes for, well, you know, the essentials. Cursed hands and such. The Nocturn Alley candle is made with natural soy wax and has a minimum burn time of 25 hours.

$15 AUD (£8) plus £11 shipping from Nook and Burrow.

The Restricted Section

We all know that if we attended Hogwarts we’d spend no small amount of our time exploring the Restricted Section of the library. It’s obviously where all the good stuff is if it’s roped off. With this candle and its scents of leather, parchment, and cedarwood you can feel like you’re actually there, hidden under your invisibility cloak.

£8.65 plus £16.22 shipping from TheMeltingLibrary on Etsy.

The Burrow

Oh The Burrow. Haven’t we all wanted to go there for a nourishing meal and night of Celestina Warbeck crooning on the radio? Lighting this appropriately orange gingerbread scented candle is probably as close as we can get. It even comes with some of Mrs Weasley’s knitting.

£8.65 plus £15.77 shipping from LemonCakesStudio on Etsy.

Studio Ghibli

You don’t get worlds much more enchanting than those created by Studio Ghibli.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

We can’t imagine a nicer way to spend a morning than strolling down to Kiki’s bakery and picking up a sweet pastry and this pain au chocolat scented candle will make us feel like we’re doing just that.

£10.81 plus £15.41 delivery from FolkloreFragrance on Etsy.

Howl’s Moving Castle

This candle inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle will make you feel like you’re curled up by Calcifer’s log fire as the castle moves through the mountains with its smoky and pine scents.

£9.99 plus £3.30 shipping from OldGlowCandles on Etsy.

Star Wars

We’re not entirely sure what a galaxy far far away might smell like, fortunately there are some creative minds out there that have some ideas.

Sands of Tatooine

It’s unfortunately not Jakku so we can pretend that we’re Rey (although we’re not sure Jakku would smell so great). Instead this Star Wars candle is inspired by another sand dune covered planet, Tatooine. With scents of sand, spicy ginger, and Japor ivory wood you’ll practically be able to feel the sun beating down on you. Or maybe that’s just the heat from the candle.

£7.21 plus £18 shipping from BigWhiffCandleCo on Etsy.

Forests of Endor

From the hot deserts of Tatooine travel to the lush forests of Endor. This candle that smells like redwood tree, evergreen, and white musk will have you looking over your shoulder for an Ewok.

£7.21 plus £18 shipping from BigWhiffCandleCo on Etsy.

Lord of the Rings

Middle Earth is a wondrous place in book and film form. Although we’re not quite sure we’d like to visit every corner of the map, there are some places we imagine we wouldn’t want to leave.


Rivendell is one of the most beautiful places in the Tolken universe, but you wouldn’t really expect anything less of a place populated by Elves. This candle is inspired by the fresh outdoor setting of Rivendell with scents of waterfall mist, golden woodlands, and garden flowers.

£9.99 plus £3.30 shipping from OldGlowCandles on Etsy.

The Shire

You couldn’t go to Middle Earth without seeing The Shire. As an extremely short person with a love of food, I think this candle with hints of grass, English garden flowers and a cozy log fire would smell more like home than anything else.

£9.99 plus £3.30 shipping from OldGlowCandles on Etsy.

Game of Thrones

Westeros gives you the impression it would mostly smell of blood, sweat, and tears but no one wants that in a candle.

A Song of Fire and Spice

This candle’s smells fruit spice, warm treacle and smoky mead will no doubt make you feel like you’re sitting by the fire in a tavern in King’s Landing.

$15 AUD (£8) plus £11 shipping from Nook and Burrow.

Under the Weirwood

For anyone who’s ever wondered what it might be like to worship the old gods at Winterfell, this candle’s combination of pine, birch, fresh fallen snow, and firewood might ignite your imagination.

£8.66 plus £16.24 shipping from TheMeltingLibrary.


What could be more relaxing than lighting a nice candle and picking up your controller for the night?

Animal Crossing

The world of Animal Crossing is a sweet one and it’s one that we’ve longed to visit more than once so we love this candle inspired by Tortimer Island. With notes of coconut, pineapple, vanilla and hibiscus you’ll feel like you’re kicking back in the sand ready to relax.

£10.83 plus £15.43 shipping from FolkloreFragrance.


Sure, it’s creepy as hell but we’d quite like to visit Lavender Town in Kanto and cuddle a cubone, especially if the town smelled like this lavender and vanilla candle.

£9 plus £2.25 delivery from FANdle.


Pretend your curled up at home in Whiterun with some sweet rolls baking in the oven when you light this warm spice cake and vanilla scented candle.

£4.33 plus £15.75 shipping from NerdieNifties.

The Legend of Zelda

Light this candle and imagine you’re strolling through the verdant world of Hyrule swigging a nice refreshing bottle of Lon Lon milk. It doesn’t get better than that.

£4.33 plus £15.75 shipping from NerdieNifties.

Happy sniffing!