Jump inside the Game of Thrones opening sequence with this 360-degree video

This is about as far into Westeros as we want to go

Game of Thrones season 6 is fast approaching and it seems like just about everyone is gearing up to sit down and watch that oh-so-familiar and enjoyable opening sequence play. It has beautiful graphics, music that sets your heart beating a little faster, and best of all it’s just about long enough for you to make a cup of tea before you settle down on the sofa for an hour of sex, blood, and dragons.

To get fans even more excited about the latest series, a 360-degree video of the show’s opening sequence has been posted on the official Facebook page letting us get a much closer look at the map. Check it out:

When the video’s running smoothly it definitely seems like a cool idea, especially when the camera pans in on cities and you can turn the camera and see everything around you in detail; you get a real sense of the scale of the continent of Westeros and it’s interesting to be able to pore over the size of the areas and the distances between them. Just don’t move too quickly or you might find yourself confused by the fact that you appear to be trapped inside a globe and Essos is sitting above your head.