This transforming bag can be worn in 9 different ways

Someone should have said before we bought all the others

There’s a bag for every occasion and style, so naturally we would love a magical bag transformed into different styles. Designers Luxilitarian have created a bag that they claim does just that, the FCS bag system. It’s a leather and nylon day bag that can be changed into 6 different styles. It includes a pouch insert that can be used in 3 different ways and there’s an optional easy access, retractable wallet for coins and keys.

“We believe that it is possible to travel light and in style if we rethink the products that we are accustomed to and adapt them to our faster lifestyle. If done with the discipline of simplicity and dignified materials, the most useful products also become the most elegant.” – Luxilitarian

The bag looks very practical, with space for a laptop, tablet, or anything else you might need on you. It can change design for more casual or formal occasions and it seems very easy to manipulate. The handle for the main bag can be transformed from tote to cross-body style and there’s even a bracelet that can be used as a cuff or shoulder handle. Check it out in action:

We love innovative fashion and it’s good to see something that aims to be both practical and easy on the eyes. A lot of the most practical bags end up being really bulky and ugly so we’re interested to see how well this one actually works.

It’s going to be quite pricey though. Usually you have to request custom bags to be designed for you in multiple styles but there’s a Spring collection available that lets you buy the “Figline” camel leather edition on their website. The main bag will set you back €445 (£354) and the retractable insert is €95 (£76). Shipping is normally €32 (£25) but is free if you purchase the main bag plus the retractable insert.

Main image © Luxilitarian