12 must-have 3DS cover plates

Keep it stylish, keep it safe

When it comes to the devices you use to play games, the one you want the ability to protect and customise most is undoubtedly your handheld console. It leaves home with you, you take it out in public where there are thoughtless people and not to mention hard concrete to drop it on. At the same time, your handheld becomes part of the image you present to others so it makes sense that you want it to represent you as best it possibly can.

To help you personalise your New Nintendo 3DS just a little more and make sure it stays safe and scratch-free, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite covers for the system. It should be noted that these covers will only be suitable for the New 3DS console, not the original 3DS, the 3DS XL or New 3DS XL, or the 2DS. Nintendo have been busy, haven’t they?

Super Smash Bros

Image via Play-Asia

If you’re on the lookout for something with a minimalist look, you might be interested in this Super Smash Bros plate. Featuring many of the most beloved Nintendo characters in a colouring book style, it’s fun without being cartoonishly bright.

As a Japanese release, this one will have to be imported but you can find it on Play-Asia for £19.57 plus £3.49 economy delivery to the UK.

Monster Hunter

Image via Amazon

Monster Hunter fan? Then look no further than this cover. The creatures in Monster Hunter may be, well, monstrous but the game worlds themselves are always colourful and beautiful and that’s reflected in this cover.

£7.97 from Amazon

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Image via Amazon

It can be difficult to choose the version of Pokemon you want most, so at the very least this cover is letting you represent both the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire versions, featuring nice designs of Groudon and Kyogre.

£11.99 from Amazon

Green Toad

Image via Game

Make your fellow commuters feel like they’re being watched with this peek-a-boo Green Toad cover plate.

£11.99 from Game UK

Classic Pokemon

Image via Nintendo

If you picked up or re-visited one of the original Pokemon titles as part of the franchise’s 20th anniversary celebrations recently, let everyone know with this cover plate featuring a pattern of some of our first generation favourites.

£12.99 plus £1.99 delivery from the Nintendo UK store

Animal Crossing

Image via Nintendo

There are a few individual character plates out there for Animal Crossing but our favourite is this colourful collage featuring a whole bunch of familiar friendly faces.

£12.99 plus £1.99 delivery from Nintendo UK store


Image via Nippon-Yassan

If you’re a fan of the little yellow electric-type then you might like this ridiculously adorable cover. Unfortunately even this many Pikachus don’t replace the need for a charger.

This is a Japanese cover, so you’ll have to import it. We’ve found the best price was on Nippon-Yassan for £25 plus £7 UK delivery.


Image via Nippon-Yassan

You know they’ve become icons when you can recognise them from their colour scheme and moustache. This minimalist Mario cover is under-stated and cool. There’s a Luigi one too if you have a loyalties to stick to.

£11 plus £8 delivery from Nippon-Yassan

Pastel Pink

Image via Nintendo

You might love all the Nintendo characters, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want them emblazoned across your console. If you’d prefer a more subtle look for your 3DS, we like this pastel pink and white striped one that looks perfect for spring and summer.

£10.99 plus £1.99 delivery from the Nintendo UK store

? Block

Image via Nippon-Yassan

Be an enigma wrapped in a mystery locked in an un-crackable safe with this ? Block cover plate. Who knows what’s inside? Though most will probably guess a coin. Don’t be surprised if commuters try to headbutt your 3DS as you pass.

£16 plus £8 delivery from Nippon-Yassan


Image via Nintendo

We love this Kirby-covered plate partly because it features Kirby being his adorable, brave and food-loving self and partly because its design and colour make it look like a really nice notebook that we also wouldn’t be averse to owning.

£12.99 plus £1.99 delivery from the UK Nintendo store

Xenoblade Chronicles

Image via Nintendo

Can’t get enough of Xenoblade Chronicles? We don’t blame you, and we love this cover plate with its Monado-inspired design. It’s about as close to being Shulk as we’re likely to get.

£12.99 plus £1.99 delivery from Nintendo UK store

See? Your handheld definitely doesn’t have to be boring on the outside when there’s so much excitement happening inside. Happy accessorising!