Smarttress is a connected bed for the paranoid

The dramatic ad is sexist GOLD

“The global infidelity crisis knocks on your door.” Spanish mattress manufacturers Durmet have supposedly created the perfect mattress for people who think their partner is cheating on them. The Smarttress is a connected mattress that sends data to your smartphone via an app to give you data on impacts per minute using vibration sensors.

It sounds horrible, invasive, untrusting, and its glorious YouTube ad revels in it. The dramatic music, the paranoia, the sexism… feast your eyes on this:

It will let you rest for 24 hours (shows a sleeping man) and reassures you during the day (shows a happy, reassured man). I hate erasing LGBT people and there’s the chance that the reassured man is happy to know his boyfriend isn’t cheating on him, but every couple in the ad seems to be hetero so I think it’s fair to assume that the people that could be cheating in these fictional examples are women. Men! This mattress will make you feel better about your woman being left alone at home!

What’s really hypocritical is the focus on Ashley Madison to show the supposed infidelity epidemic. During an investigation of the leaked user data from the site, it was found that there were 31 million men and 5 million women signed up. 10,000 users worked for Ashley Madison and 90% of them were women, showing they were hired to address the gender imbalance in the user base. 20 million men but only 1,492 women checked their inbox at least once. 11 million men but only 2,409 women had used the chat feature.

The data is skewed one way but the marketing for this mattress paints the picture that men should worry about leaving their women at home. I wouldn’t argue that the video should be the other way around and that women should mistrusting of men; instead, it would be nice to see a balance. By focusing on Ashley Madison but also implying that men should worry about women cheating, the video just makes me think men are deceptive cheaters and also hopelessly paranoid. Is that what they were going for? I doubt it.

Is the product even real? Supposedly so and you can enquire about ordering it. They’ve shown it in action. I assume it was made just to bring attention to the company and the rest of their products and I wouldn’t give it a second look if it wasn’t for the incredible ad. It’s the music that does it; I get the feeling Commander Shepherd is going to save us all from the infidelity crisis that’s knocking on our doors.

Main image © Durmet

Via re/code