This mirror scans you in 3D so you can watch your body changing

Let's turn it off at Christmas, yeah?

Fitness tech start-up Naked Labs has created a 3D-scanning mirror to record your body shape and dimensions to track fitness. The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is a mirror and scales that can scan your body and send the data to a smartphone app. The mirror uses Intel RealSense™ Technology to create a 3D model of your body that you can see changing over time. The mirror itself does all the processing so it’s essentially a computer, using a quad-core Intel processor to create the models.

To watch how your body model morphs from one size to another could be useful or dreadful depending on your goals. Not everyone works out to change shape. Some people just want to be faster or improve their endurance but it could be interesting for those tracking weight loss or muscle gain. This video gives you an idea of how the mirror and app combine to give the overall experience:

Do you want to get Naked? Unfortunately the mirror isn’t quite ready for us yet. Customers in the US can pre-order but UK availability is promised in the future. To keep up-to-date with availability you can join a mailing list. It costs $499 (£351) but will likely be considerably more expensive when it arrives here. You could try saving money by using a measuring tape.

Main image © Naked Labs