Completely customise your makeup with this digital pen

No more 'close enough' colour matches

Walk through any cosmetics department and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a colour palette that would have made Vincent van Gogh weep with joy, but it’s still not enough. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can’t find the right pink for our cheeks and when it comes to lines of nude lipsticks it’s often the case that the range of shades available is limited and uninclusive. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just take a picture of the colour we want and mix it up ourselves? Well, that could be closer than you think thanks to Grace Choi and her company Mink.

Grace made a name for herself in the beauty and tech industries in 2014 when she unveiled her 3D makeup printer that allowed users to print eyeshadows in any colour they wanted by extracting the colour from an image. After some consumer testing and listening to feedback she’s brought the idea back on the different, even more convenient platform of a digital pen and app.

The Mink makeup kit consists of an app, a pen, three vials of ink and some base makeup powder. To create your customised makeup you simply take a photo of a colour you like on the Mink Makeup App or import it from your camera roll, select your desired shade from those that the app extracts from the image and get the correct colour values. You then use the pen to extract the exact amounts and colours of ink required, add it to the base powder, thoroughly mix and decant your cosmetic creation into a container.

You can see the process in action below:

You aren’t limited to powder-based makeup like eyeshadow, either, as Mink has made the bases required to create your own cheek/lip stains and lip glosses available too. We’d give anything for a foundation base.

Though the Mink Makeup app is available for download for iOS just now, it appears the pen starter kit priced at $295 (£205) is currently out of stock on the Mink website. From what Grace has said to fans of the product on her YouTube channel, it seems that a newer version of the pen is in development for release and would explain why it hasn’t been restocked. The inks, powders, and lip bases are all still for sale on the site with powders costing $12 (£8), lip bases costing $8 (£5.50), and inks costing $15 (£10) each.

Unfortunately the Mink Makeup Pen only appears to ship to the US right now but we’re hoping that the new and improved line of pens might be rolled out further afield because we’d love to see this level of creative makeup control come to the UK. Who wouldn’t want the ability to create their very own eyeshadow palette?