The Solaris app is an astronomy calendar in your pocket

You'll never miss that meteor shower or comet again

You don’t need the fanciest tech to see spectacular astronomical sights. With just a pair of binoculars you can see galaxies, nebulae, and other planets in the solar system. We recently wrote about our top 5 apps for astronomers that allow people to learn more about space and find out where their favourite sights are in the night sky. Those apps are ideal for people interested in finding specific sights and learning more about them. A new app, Solaris Sky Calendar, is a more passive experience for those who just want to be alerted when there’s a cool celestial event to see.

Images © Oleksandr Potryvaiev

The app can alert you about meteor showers, comets, stages of the moon, planet conjunctions, lunar eclipses and it’s all customisable. It’s perfect for those who want to see some cool sights but don’t spend a lot of time pouring over star charts and using software to predict where planets will be. It’s just a lightweight, attractive calendar that keeps you in the know.

What we really like about Solaris are the little details. The colour scheme is deliberately dark to not be too distracting if you’re out stargazing. Most interestingly there are lots of hidden features and extra functionality that you can unlock, not by paying for more content but by playing little games. There are easter eggs and if you find them you get access to even more features. For example, if you find the hidden planet in the app you’ll get access to the times that planets rise and set for your location. The most important functionality is there from the start but it’s fun to unlock extras just by exploring the app.

Solaris Sky Calendar is available on iOS for £1.49.

Main image © Oleksandr Potryvaiev