Official mod support is coming for Sega Mega Drive games on Steam

Get creative with the code

There’s no doubt that the classic 16-bit Sega games have an enduring appeal; not only do they appeal visually to our nostalgia, they’re just genuinely enjoyable games to play. Clearly, Sega are aware of the retro appeal of their Mega Drive titles because they’ve just announced the Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub on Steam.

Launching on April 28th, the Classics Hub will be completely free and it’ll look like the bedroom of an early-90s Sega fan. To really get those childhood memories going, Sega say it will have “dynamic time-of-day conditions, retro SEGA paraphernalia, a shelf full of MEGA Drive games (including the ones you own) and of course a CRT TV!”

There are, of course, already dozens of Sega games already on Steam but Classics Hub will bring them all together in a neat nostalgic launcher that will make it much easier to browse through your collection. Not only that, using the hub will provide local co-op for games that support the feature, optional graphic enhancement filters, the ability to save at any point in the game, and full controller/keyboard support.

By far the most interesting feature to be included in the Hub, though, is Steam Workshop support for every compatible Mega Drive game. Sega say this will allow users to “share modified versions of [their] favourite retro SEGA titles.” It’s not entirely clear just yet what kind of modifications will be supported but more details will undoubtedly be released soon. We can’t wait to see Sega fans get creative with their coding and make these games their own.

Anyone who already owns a Sega game on Steam will get immediate access to the Hub for free simply by updating their games on the 28th. Anyone that doesn’t own any Sega games simply has to purchase one to begin their collection. Just now their are 50 classic Sega titles available for purchase on Steam, but judging from some of the titles that appear in the above trailer we think we can look forward to many more being added in the future.

Source: Sega UK