This tiny Arduino clone fits in a battery slot

For your tiniest DIY project needs

Here at Gadgette we love DIY electronics and robotics projects, from retro gaming systems to tweeting cat flaps. A lot of the best projects use Arduino boards, which are great for prototyping or small DIY efforts. Unlike the Raspberry Pi, which is a standalone computer, the Arduino is just for making things happen. For example, it might receive input from the internet or a sensor and then move a robot limb or activate another sensor depending on how you’ve programmed it. Arduino boards are great.

Arduino boards are fairly small so they can fit inside your latest DIY project but sometimes they aren’t small enough. All the available Arduinos were too large for Johan Kanflo who was creating a radio node, which needs to be tiny. Usually he uses a mini, wireless Arduino clone called the Tiny328 but even that was too big for the radio node. His solution to the problem is rather genius.

Image © Johan Kanflo

What he wanted for the project was a case that held batteries and an Arduino board. His solution was to use a regular battery compartment and make an Arduino clone small enough to fit in an AA battery slot. Hence the AArduino was born. Get it? Now the battery pack is also a radio node that supplies its own power. With some clever rewiring, the board can even pull powers from the batteries in the other slots.

We love this sort of creativity; it’s what DIY tech is all about. If for some reason you need an Arduino clone small enough to fit in a battery slot, Kanflo has put the schematics and instructions on GitHub so you can make your own for the next DIY project.

Main image © Johan Kanflo