6 things we want this week

Our wallets have gone all Rebecca Black

We’ve made it through another week and the weather is improving. Let’s celebrate in traditional Team Gadgette style by lusting after all the things. Here are the lovely things we want this Buyday Friday!

Editor Holly

Yo Kawaii Cushion Friends

Image © Yo Kawaii Cushion Friends

I’m feeling a bit down today because we lost Prince, so I’m going to need some bright and happy things to cheer me up. These Cushion Friends from Yo Kawaii are right up my alley. I want a whole sofa full, so I can lay there and cuddle them and watch Prince videos on Netflix.

They’re a bit pricey at £25 each, but they’re really well made and very soft. And you can’t put a price on friends. They’re available on Amazon UK.

Chi-Chi London Petite Sateen Strappy Back Prom Mini Skater Dress

I refuse to believe it’s still not summer, so I’m carrying on as if it’s warm outside, and eventually the weather will catch up. It’s also nearly wedding season, so I’m going to need a nice summery dress to wear while watching my friends get hitched in the sun. This Chi-Chi London number is sweet and summery, and can be dressed up or down depending on how wedding-y my friends have decided to go. Perfect.

£65 from ASOS

Gamer in Chief Emma

Virtual Pet Playsuit

One of my favourite online outlets for geeky apparel is Living Dead Clothing and I was barely able to retain a modicum of chill when they launched their Kawaii 2.0 line this week. That’s mostly because it has this tamagotchi-inspired playsuit. I’m not overly keen on wearing playsuits (seriously, could they make it any more difficult to have a ‘quick trip’ to the bathroom?) but when they make retro virtual pets look this good I’m willing to make some sacrifices.

Available in sizes XS to 2XL for $80 AUD (£43) plus £8 shipping from Living Dead Clothing

Zayatzkaa cookie cutters

Image © Zayatzkaa

After a long time away, I’ve been getting back into baking recently. That said, I’m less into the actual process of baking and much more interested in making different kinds of icing to decorate which is why I’ve been considering investing in some cookie cutters to start creating some wonderfully geeky biscuits. Naturally, I turned to Etsy for this and found Zayatzkaa. This store has dozens of geeky cookie cutter designs and I want to have them all. I’ve really had to narrow it down, I can only decorate so many at once.

Cookie cutters cost £5 each plus £4.30 shipping from Zayatzkaa on Etsy

Science Officer Jen

Dino Lamps

I’ve been wanting a cute LED lamp for a while and these Dino Lamps are absolutely perfect. They’ll be right at home in my flat considering half of my possessions are dinosaur-themed. The T. rex (or Orange Dinosaur) is available for pre-order but the others are available now. I’m going for the green sauropod, look at those little legs! The lamps are made from polyresin but look like origami and they use an energy efficient LED bulb.

£29.99 from Firebox

GLaDOS dress

It feels like summer is nearly here so it’s time for those summer dresses. My wardrobe consists of beautiful, summery dresses and geeky t-shirts. There simply isn’t enough crossover between the two. What if I want to exhibit both aspects? I love this GLaDOS dress because it ticks both of those boxes, it would be great for baking cakes in, and people will be unsure if I’m likeable or evil.

$45 (£31.34) plus shipping for $21.38 (£14.89) from Welovefine

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