InkHunter lets you test out tattoo designs using augmented reality

Selfies are a bit scary

Have you ever wanted to know what you would look like with a tattoo? Temporary tattoos are quite realistic, assuming you can find one in the right design. Thanks to augmented reality, there might be a better way to get some pretend ink. InkHunter is an iOS app that lets you take pictures of yourself complete with gorgeous tattoos. Take a look at what the app can do:

Images © InkHunter

The app lets you choose from lots of pre-existing tattoo designs that look really good but you can also scan in your own designs. You draw markers on your limb (or wherever else you’re brave enough to use) and let the app do its thing. It’s quite smart because it recognises the curves of body parts and bends the tattoos accordingly so it looks very realistic. You can see it in action here:

Is it a great tool for helping decide on a tattoo design? Or is it the ultimate prank for freaking out parents? The choice is yours.

You can download the iOS app for free on the App Store. An Android version will be released in the future.

Main image © InkHunter