This plant pot offers an environmentally friendly way to charge your phone

Fun fact: Poison Ivy's phone has never lost charge

We’ve seen plenty of attempts at creating more environmentally friendly phone chargers, most of which involve utilising a solar panel in some way or another but now we’ve come across one that’s a little different. Bioo Lite is a plant pot that is claimed to be able to use the process of photosynthesis to charge your phone.

Okay, it’s not the actual process of photosynthesis that charges your phone, it’s that the plant pot efficiently uses the by-products of the process in conjunction with bacteria and water to generate energy.

Created by Spanish company Arkyne Technologies, who say they have fully functional prototypes of the product, Bioo Lite looks like a standard plant pot but like most cool things all the magic happens where we can’t see it. At the very bottom of the pot, under the roots of your plant and the soil, there are two storage chambers containing bacteria.

When your plant starts photosynthesising, the compounds created by the process at the plant’s roots trickle through a semi-permeable membrane along with water to react with this bacteria and produce electrons which are then gathered by a nano-wire and stored in a battery also at the bottom of the pot. The creators state that this hurts the plant in no way and doesn’t force it to do anything outside of its normal biological processes.

The water for the reaction will be provided without much effort on your part; Bioo has a water sealed tank which you fill every month. The water is fed to the plant steadily through the automated irrigation system which should actually stop you from over or under watering the plant ensuring it remains at its healthiest.

According to Arkyne, this will produce a constant supply of power (enough to charge your phone three times a day) though users should be careful to not leave their phone plugged in all day and should be aware that a green leafy plant will be a much more effective power source that something like a cactus. To get your phone charging simply plug it into the USB port hidden in the decorative pebbles on the surface of the soil that’s connected to the battery in the base of the pot.

Arkyne state that when the plant pots are produced for distribution they will generate 5 volts, which is equivalent to charging your phone via your laptop.

Bioo Lite is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo where it’s already passed its goal of €15,000, sitting at €22,422 at time of writing with one month remaining in its campaign. If you’d like to get a Bioo Lite pot for yourself, a pledge of €99 (£77) will secure you one with an expected delivery date of December 2016.

Images: Indiegogo