Star Wars meets Super Mario in this short film

Use the blue shell, Mario

At Gadgette, we like to see our favourite geeky universes mashed together in creative ways. Only last week we told you about this incredibly clever Game of Thrones and Legend of Zelda crossover and now we’ve found something a little less fantasy and a little more sci-fi. Created by short film makers Rizenvisual, Star Wars Mario Squadron takes the Mario brothers and throws them into the climactic final battle of Star Wars IV: A New Hope.

We imagine if Bowser had a bigger budget he’d probably build something like the Death Star and if he did of course the Mario brothers would have to hop into some X-Wing Starfighters and stop him. This is how Rizenvisual think that would play out:

The video is extremely well made with a lot of nice touches like the laser-powered Piranha Plants, the Mario Kart inspired chase scene, and the extremely Nintendo explosive ending. We kind of wish the Death Star’s canyon had been paved like the Rainbow Road but you can’t have everything.