Geeky find of the week: miniature world jewellery

You've got a whole world on your hand

There’s lots of beautiful jewellery out there, with and without a geeky theme. Our geeky find this week is able to hold its own as beautifully crafted jewellery but it also has an element that really appeals to our geeky sides: miniature worlds. Yes, seriously.

Created by Canadian jewellery maker Secret Wood, these rings are all handmade using fresh wood, jewellery resin, and beeswax and they’re all topped off with tiny detailed scenes that will transport your mind somewhere else. Some of the rings look like underwater scenes, some look like snow-topped forests, and some look like the surfaces of distant planets but they all look amazing. Plus, because all the rings are handmade, no two worlds will ever look the same so you know you’re getting a place just for you. We’d love get some that subtly remind us of our favourite universes in books, TV, games, or film.

After you’ve made your order and sent your ring size, each ring takes around 4 to 5 weeks to make and Secret Wood send a photo to make sure you’re entirely happy with it before they send it to you. Prices vary, ranging from $90 (£62) to $145 (£100) for rings from the limited collection. The most common price appears to be $110 (£76) plus £10 delivery.

If you’d like a miniature world of your own you can check out Secret Wood’s entire collection here. Apparently they have pendants coming soon. Oh dear.

Images: Secret Wood