6 things we want this week


It’s Friday so it’s time to treat ourselves. Here are a bunch of things Team Gadgette has being eyeing up or waving money at.

Editor Holly

Windows 95 playing cards

Image: Firebox

NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD. If, like me, you spent the teenage years before your family got internet playing card games and Hover on Windows 95, these cards are for you. Granted, most people probably won’t get the reference and think they’re just kind of retro-cool, but you and I will know the frustration of your ’95 PC blue-screening on the win animation. Sob.

They’re £8.66 from Firebox. I hope we see more products based on Windows 95, because I would buy them all.

ASOS space print pyjama set

I just got the date for an operation I’ve been waiting for for a reeeeally long time, so I’m going to need some funky pyjamas to rest up in. ASOS have never let me down nightwear-wise, and this time’s no different: they have SPACE PYJAMAS! Perfect for when I’m floating somewhere above earth on painkillers and general anaesthetic.

£24 from ASOS.

Gamer in Chief Emma

Happy Mail Chocolate Box

The weather has been incredibly weird recently; there’s been snow, sun, and rain all within half an hour of each other. The only constant is the cold and if there’s one thing I hate it’s cold. The only solution I can really come up with is to cuddle up under a blanket and eat slab upon slab of comforting chocolate. Thing is, after seeing this frustratingly pretty chocolate I now won’t accept any other kind. Created by a company called The Happy Mail, The Binge Box comes through the post and contains white chocolate and dark chocolate covered in pick ‘n’ mix sweets as well as chocolate covered popcorn chunks. It’s the dream delivery for anyone with a sweet tooth and I’m fairly certain every single one of my teeth are sweet.

£12 plus £2 shipping from The Happy Mail

Feminist Killjoy Jewellery

Image: Punky Pins

Something that will come as a shock to approximately no one, but I consider myself a feminist. I’m proud to call myself one so I kind of love this tongue-in-cheek jewellery collection from Punky Pins. It’s pretty and provocative, featuring necklaces and earrings that will declare your commitment to equality for women.

Prices range from £9 to £12 plus £2.08 shipping from Punky Pins

Science Officer Jen

Neko Atsume dress

I’m totally and hopelessly addicted to Neko Atsume, the cat-gathering game. I don’t even think it’s a fun game; I just love those little kitties and the art style. In fact, if I could see those cats more often then maybe I wouldn’t even need to play the game. We already brought you 7 gifts for people addicted to Neko Atsume but this simple dress from Leeds-based Soft Kitty Clothing is something else I just need in my life.

£22 (£3 postage) from Soft Kitty Clothing


I’ve been doing a lot of projects and shenanigans with my Raspberry Pi recently, from Twitter butlers to clocks worthy of Harry Potter. One of the best purchases I ever made for the Pi was the BrickPi from Dexter Industries. It’s a circuit board that lets the Raspberry Pi computer connect to LEGO motors and sensors. I used it to build robots, security systems, and a biscuit dispenser.

Dexter Industries now has a similar product called the GrovePi, which does the same thing but not with LEGO. Instead, it lets the Pi connected to over 100 sensors and gadgets that range from temperature sensors to electromagnets and I want them all. The things I could do with all that! It’s plug-and-play and doesn’t involve soldering so you can quickly put together prototypes for the latest silly project.

The GrovePi board is £20.99 (£5.08 delivery) on Amazon.

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