Google’s OnHub router works with If This Then That

Google can read our minds

Google’s OnHub routers are among the best around, especially the newest model made by ASUS. They give you better Wi-Fi signal and you can control the router and connected device remotely using the smartphone app. The best feature is that you can tell OnHub to prioritise specific devices. For example, you can tell it to prioritise the Wi-Fi for your computer that’s streaming a movie and needs all the bandwidth it can get. You do this just by waving your hand over the router. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t look like an ugly black box. What could make it better?

If This Then That (IFTTT) is an amazing website that lets you build “recipes” that link actions across different services. For example, “IF I upload a picture to Instagram, THEN save it to Dropbox” or “IF it’s 7am, THEN turn on my smart coffee maker”. It lets you automate a lot of online tasks like sharing Facebook links to Twitter too. And now Google’s OnHub routers are compatible with the service.

Images from Google

OnHub is now a Channel on IFTTT making it infinitely more useful than it already was. OnHub can use IFTTT to detect devices connecting/disconnecting. From there it can prioritise devices automatically or interact with the many other IFTTT-compatible services.

For example, it can turn on your smart light bulbs or heating if your phone connects to the router. It can automatically prioritise your gaming console when it connects to the router. You can get an email when family members arrive at home and their phones connect to OnHub. For security you could have IFTTT add the details of each new connected device to a Google Document or Dropbox file as a log of network activity. You can even send out Maker requests, meaning programmers and roboticists can have the router interact with DIY projects.

OnHub is expected to hit the UK sometime this year. We’ve used the US model, which you can get for $199 (£135). We’ve been wanting a router with IFTTT for ages and we’re happy someone has finally done it. OnHub is already a great router but the IFTTT compatibility makes it really stand out from the crowd. Nice one Google!

Main image © Google