Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens as told by emoji

It's actually good

It’s coming up for May the 4th and we all know what that means: Star Wars everything, everywhere, in every possible form. To kick off celebrations Disney has gotten in there a little early with this video retelling the story of the latest film in emoji form. Even if you think that emojis are the source of all that is wrong with the world, an insidious pictorial evil that’s destroying our written word one aubergine metaphor at a time, you probably still won’t be able to hate this because, quite frankly, it’s adorable and there’s something about it that reminds us of the LEGO spirit of adaptation.

Obviously since the actual film is over two hours long and this is around 3 minutes not everything’s going to be in there but all things considered this video gets the job done and in style, with the music, sound effects, and characters we love. Would you just look at Chewbacca. Look at him!

All we really need now is for everything in the video to be made available on an actual emoji keyboard. Please and thank you, Disney.