You can carry this tiny wireless projector in your pocket

You can do that holiday photo presentation anywhere now

Standard projectors are fantastic for doing presentations, watching films, or showing off your favourite holiday photos but what they’re not great for is portability. Not all that long ago it would have been considered nigh impossible to make one of these devices small enough that it could be carried around in your pocket but now it’s increasingly common and one of the latest devices that allows you to do so without breaking the bank is the Aiptek mobile projector.

This pico projector is small and lightweight, coming in at 132 grams which is just a little bit more than an iPhone 6 at 129 grams. Genuinely portable, the projector is able to connect to iOS or Android devices via their Airplay or Miracast screen mirroring functions, whilst other devices can be connected using WiFi and a free companion app called EZ-Cast. There’s also an HDMI port if you’re not in a situation where cables are impossible. To add to the projector’s portability, it has integrated speakers as well as an integrated 2.300 mAh battery which can be recharged via USB.

When it comes to what you’re watching, the projector can display a screen size of up to 80 inches diagonally with a resolution of 854 x 450 pixels at 70 lumens of brightness. This is really quite an average offering when it comes to screen quality but this isn’t surprising when you consider the device’s size and comparatively low price of £288 on Amazon.

Compared to other pico projectors in a similar price range, the Aiptek projector really manages to stand out because it is clearly very much intended for mobile users being so small and light with the ability to connect wirelessly to devices. There are other pico projectors such as the AAXA P4-X in this price range which, though slightly heavier and larger, offer a better resolution and more lumens but they really can’t claim to have quite the same level of portability.

Image: Amazon