Explore scenes from Studio Ghibli films in VR

We'd stand for hours in the rain if it meant occupying the same space as Totoro

Virtual reality is doing a lot of cool things in gaming, journalism, healthcare, and film and every day we see it applied in new and fantastic ways. Despite this, there are still people who aren’t sold on the platform but we think British virtual reality development studio Fire Panda might have created something that will change a lot of minds.

With their Studio Ghibli project, Fire Panda are attempting to explore the possibilities of the classic 2D art style in a 3D virtual explorable environment but they’re also making it possible for fans of the studio’s films to explore some of the most famous scenes using the Oculous Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

If you’ve got a VR headset to hand, the demos are free to download through Fire Panda’s website or WearVR and will take you to the bus stop scene in My Neighbour Totoro:

The boiler room in Spirited Away where you can be surrounded by soot sprites:

And the grassy meadow in Howl’s Moving Castle as the castle walks by and airships fly over:

You can’t really do anything in these VR worlds beyond walking around and looking at things but to be honest that’s enough magic to keep us happy; it’s one thing watching the films but to feel like you’ve walked right into them is wonderful. We really hope Fire Panda continue with this project, there’s so much more we want to see!

Images: Fire Panda