iKlips DUO could be the best storage solution for iOS

Following the Apple cliché, it just works

iOS has come a long way since its inception. There was a time when the iPhone didn’t have an App Store. Today you can use your iOS device to use Photoshop, edit a movie, compose some music, or play many of the same games you would download on your PC or consoles. When it comes to software you can get some serious work done these days, especially on the iPad Pro. But for hardware, expandable storage has always been the major criticism for iDevices.

Without an ordinary USB port, iOS users can’t connect their iPads or iPhones to most storage devices. The lack of an SD card reader ultimately means that the storage of an iDevice isn’t expandable. This isn’t really an issue for the majority of users. The gigabytes of space available on these devices is fine for many users and cloud storage is now practical with 4G internet. The average user won’t care if their photos have their quality reduced slightly for optimum storage since they’re just going to end up on Instagram or Twitter anyway.

For others, however, the inability to connect to local storage is a real pain. The iPad is increasingly becoming better for content creation and productivity but things like this hold it back. If you use your iPhone for relatively serious photography, you’ll want to save everything with maximum quality. Or if you use a DSLR for photography and edit photos on your iPad, you might need thousands of RAW images on your iPad. An Indiegogo campaign from ADAM elements looks like the best solution for these people so far.

At its simplest, iKlips DUO is a memory stick. It’s just like any other portable USB stick and it can be used the same way by plugging into your Mac or PC. The main difference is that on the other end of the stick is a Lightning port for connecting to iPads and iPhones. It has other neat features and an interesting app for organising everything but the best way to think about it is as a standard USB stick that also works perfectly well with your iPad.

By using the iKlips DUO as your storage device you can share music, photos, videos, and work projects between all your computers. The exFAT file system means there are no limits to file sizes, so it’s easer to transfer movies to watch while travelling or transferring huge photos and videos to edit on the go. If you can’t store things online and need physical storage, you don’t need to mess about with iTunes to get things onto your PC. Just plug it in and go.

The device uses an app to manage its contents. It works like other file management apps to move files and folders around and it can read most filetypes you can throw at it so you don’t have to open other apps to view content. You can easily send files to and from the phone or tablet onto iKlips DUO so you can make extra room if you ever need to, which could be a life-saver on holiday with no internet connection and a bunch of holiday videos to save.

iKlips DUO is raising funds on Indiegogo and has made 500% of its original target with 2 days left to go. There are a bunch of size and colour options available. You can choose storage options of 32, 64, 128, and 256GB and colour options of grey, rose gold, gold, and red.

If you choose to back it now you get free shipping and 40% off the retail price. 32GB is $79 (£54.64), 64GB is $99 (£68.48), 128GB is $179 (£123.82), and 256GB is $359 (£248.32).

Main image: ADAM elements