Retro Receiver connects wireless controllers to your trusty NES

This dongle works with your Wii and PlayStation controllers too

We’re all for emulators and virtual consoles but sometimes you need the nostalgic fix you can only get from plugging in and turning on your chunky retro consoles from yesteryear. That being said, there are some advances in modern consoles that we’ve grown attached to. 8Bitdo and Analogue have teamed up to create the Retro Receiver, a little gadget that lets you play your original NES using wireless controllers.

8Bitdo make amazing wireless versions of classic controllers including NES, SNES, and even arcade sticks. They were designed for gamers who want to play games on PC/Mac or next-gen consoles but with their favourite retro controllers. Now these controllers have an extra trick up their sleeve thanks to the collaboration with Analogue. The Retro Receiver is a dongle that lets these controllers work with the original NES too.

Image: Analogue

The chunky adapter doesn’t look out of place on the original NES but it brings the beloved console into the modern day with wireless controllers. Not only does it let you connect the NES to 8Bitdo’s gorgeous controllers, it’s also compatible with other wireless controllers including the PS3, PS4, Wii remote, and Wii U Pro controllers. Now there’s something for everyone. Want to play your PS3 using a NES controller? 8Bitdo has your back. Want to play your NES using a PS3 controller? 8Bitdo and Analogue now have your back.

The Retro Receiver is available from for £13.61 plus £3.40 shipping. You can pick up 8Bitdo’s wireless retro controllers on Amazon for around the £25 mark.

Main image: Analogue