There’s a Pokémon cookbook coming

Gotta nom 'em all!

At Gadgette, we’re big fans of foods with a geeky twist and we’re interested in any cookbook that can help us create them so the announcement of a Pokémon cookbook has left us just a little bit excited.

Pokémon Cookbook: Easy and Fun recipes is already available in Japan but in a recent interview with ICV2, Beth Kawasaki, a senior editorial director at Viz Media, said the company are currently working on an English translation that will be released in Europe in December.

“We’re going to be doing our Pokémon Cookbook; that’s coming out in December and is aimed at kids.  You can learn about Pikachu ramen and Poke Ball sushi rolls and Mashed Meowth Potatoes, and Psyduck omelets.  All of the recipes are made to look like the faces or the body of a character from Pokémon.  It’s really fun, we’re very excited about it.”

Well, Beth, so are we. This recipe book might be aimed at kids but it’s highly likely it’ll be the source of every meal we eat for a good while. We can’t wait to see what other recipes will feature in the book, it’s just a shame we won’t have Brock and his trusty frying pan on hand to make it for us. Could we really eat something in the shape of an adorable smiling Pikachu face you ask? Well, we’d hesitate but absolutely.

Image: The Pokemon Company

Via Kotaku