A Korean vlogger has created a real life Neko Atsume stream

We're avidly waiting for real life Tubbs

At Gadgette, we’re all familiar with the joy that cat collecting game Neko Atsume brings; we’ve been there, played that, and we’re still wearing the adorable Tubbs T-shirt. That said, call us greedy, but sometimes we just want more than the game; as adorable as our cats are, they’re not quite as fluffy or mischievous as the real thing.

It turns out one Korean vlogger is living our Neko Atsume dreams. Called Koo Eun-je, or Cat Thief if you want to call him by his handle, this vlogger has set up his very own Neko Atsume style garden for stray cats and he streams it live on YouTube. According to The Verge, the idea came to Koo Eun-je when he was visiting his mother-in-law in the South Korean countryside. After coming across a stray cat, he gave it some leftover fish and to his surprise it returned the next day with a few more fellow strays in tow. Rather than leave the poor cats hungry Koo Eun-je went fishing for some fresh cat food and set up a live stream so that he and his wife could watch them when they returned home.

The internet is, of course, the altar at which cats are worshiped so it’s hardly surprising that Koo Eun-je and his wife weren’t the only ones to tune into this live stream. In fact, Cat Thief’s channel now attracts over 100,000 visitors each month. These viewers don’t just watch, either, they take part in the live-action Neko Atsume by sending cat food and donations so that Koo can keep the project going.

The cat feeding area Koo has set up is wonderful; it has food, cute decorations, toys, and even a menu board because everything else wasn’t cute enough to overwhelm us. Considering the bad reputation that stray cats have in South Korea, it’s really uplifting to see someone showing them this level of kindness.

Although the actual live stream is only available to watch in Korea just now, fans of the channel have uploaded plenty of videos for others around the world to see because apparently cats just bring out the most generous side of the internet. You can watch one below and see the rest here.

Via The Verge