This shower robot washes your hair

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Simone Grietz, our favourite creator of amazing robots, is back with a new contraption to make her life easier. We’ve previously written about her terrific lipstick-applying robot and this time she’s moving things to the shower. The latest robot helps wash your hair, leaving you free to get on with other things like brushing your teeth. Hopefully Simone’s next project will be a robot that brushes teeth too. Check out the latest genius robot apply shampoo and work it through Simone’s hair:

The hair-washing robot is similar to her Wake Up Machine in that it uses an Arduino Uno board, servo motors, that creepy forearm again, and it’s utterly terrifying. Simone describes herself as the queen of shitty robots but we love that her antics inspires people to become more interested in electronics and robotics.

Main image: Simone Giertz