Relive your nostalgic NES days with RetroUSB’s AVS

One of the best consoles ever made, updated for your fancy TV and aching nostalgia

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) arrived in Europe back in 1986, 3 years after its initial Japanese launch. It became the best-selling games console at the time, helped rescue gaming after the industry crashed in 1983, and transformed Nintendo from toy company into the gaming giant they are today. It’s an icon and features an amazing games library so it’s a popular console for retro enthusiasts and nostalgia hunters.

The problem is that the great 8-bit console shows its age as a piece of hardware when put alongside the rest of our tech. If your TV uses HDMI, you won’t be able to easily connect to the original console. This is why companies are creating solutions to make the original console more capable, such as the Retro Receiver that lets the NES use wireless controllers. But RetroUSB wants to bring the entire NES itself up-to-date with the AVS, a console revision they’ve been working on for a year now and it looks like it could be the best NES clone yet.

Image: RetroUSB

The AVS is a NES clone that does the basics it needs to and then some. There’s a cartridge port for NES games and it’s region-free so you can play classic Japanese titles if you have them. It even plays titles for the Famicom Disk System that never made its way to Europe. There are 4 controller ports instead of 2 and built-in cheat cartridge support with Game Genie and Action Replay databases. The best thing? HDMI. Now you can plug it straight into the TV and get 720p with no hassles.

RetroUSB have been sharing details about the console for about a year and we’re finally seeing it in action. On Facebook, the company have claimed the AVS will be available later in the summer. We’re really excited because we love retro gaming but we’re naturally suspicious because a lot of promising retro games consoles fail to materialise. The fact that RetroUSB already have other retro products available and are showing the AVS in action hopefully means we can get our hands on this clone in the near future.

Main image: RetroUSB