This gorgeous graffiti simulator makes the case for virtual reality

It just needs a Grand Theft Auto tie-in for cop chases

Some experiences don’t lend themselves especially well to virtual reality. Would writing a Word document or playing Civilisation really be improved by using a VR headset? Probably not. The go-to examples of great VR experiences including games where you shoot or fly but the most exciting apps for the new wave of VR headsets often involve novel experiences. Google’s Tilt Brush was a pleasant surprise, letting users draw in 3D space. Now we might have a new favourite VR art app: Kingspray.

Kingspray is a graffiti simulator and it really goes to town on the simulation aspect. The realistic paints really drip and the environment’s textures are highly detailed. The premise is simple: the user has a bunch of spray cans at their disposal and an urban environment as a canvas. The beauty is how well it comes together and the artwork that can be made. It’s gorgeous, just look at it in action:

There are a bunch of stencils and designs to import and paint around or you can design yours entirely from scratch. Your motions and creations are recorded so you can rewind through and jump back in at any point. You can also share your masterpieces to the Gallery, which is essential for an app like this. One of our favourite features is that you can stream music through to the game but it’s controlled by an in-world ghetto blaster, really selling the simulation aspect.

We love that VR is allowing experiences that can’t really be captured by traditional videogames or movies. It’s not just an art app; it’s a realistic simulation of spray painting graffiti in an urban environment (minus being chased by the cops). The more unique experiences developers can bring to the table, the stronger the case will be for VR.

The Kingspray Graffiti Simulator runs on Windows, OSX, and Linux. The creators claim any graphics card made after 2004 should do the job but for use with a virtual reality headset it will likely need a more powerful machine to get the best out of it. The first version of the simulator will be released sometime in the next couple of weeks after a few bugs are ironed out and will be made available through Steam.

Main image: Kingspray Graffiti Simulator