The ridiculous Movpak does pretty much everything

Part rucksack, part electric skateboard, part kitchen sink

We like the idea of the humble rucksack receiving a 21st century upgrade. Products that catch our eye include the Lifepack that charges your phone or built-in speakers with solar panels and can be securely locked. Incorporating gadgets? Sounds good. Making it secure? Great. Hidden pockets for more storage? Makes sense. But it’s clearly possible to go too far, judging by the ridiculous Movpak that is looking for $50,000 on Indiegogo.

What’s so special about the Movpak? It’s difficult to know where to begin. For a start, it’s also an electric skateboard. That isn’t even the weirdest part. The skateboard has headlights; you can talk to it with Siri and OK Google integration; there’s a wireless smartphone charger; it can be tracked if stolen. Just look at this helpful image:

Image: MovPak

We could spend all day picking apart the different features we’d never expected to find on a rucksack. It’s got a power button! But the main feature to focus on is obviously the built-in electric skateboard. A small remote is used to control the rucksack and it can travel up to 20 mph, which is pretty impressive. Or absurd. One of those. Just imagine seeing this in person:

Image: MovPak

The creators are looking for $50,000 on Indiegogo to release the Movpak to the world. They’re doing well, with $20,665 raised and still a month to go. The early bird offer is a significant discount if you really want to get your own. The retail price will apparently be $1200 (£829) but the limited early bird special is just $599 (£413.85). Shipping is quite steep at $139 (£96) but if you’re already happy to spend hundreds of pounds on a rucksack that’s also an electric skateboard then it probably isn’t an issue.

Main image: Movpak