Typography Scrabble is the board game for font geeks

No, you don't have enough letters for HELVETICA

If you’ve ever been angry about serifs, we’ve found the board game for you.

Scrabble Typography, created by designer Andrew Capener, comes with letters in 12 different typefaces for your word-building pleasure. It’s actually the third edition of the idea, but the first two were really expensive because they were built from materials like walnut and maple, and amazingly, came with a built-in lazy Susan for easy turn-switching.

Now, finally, people who love Scrabble but don’t necessarily want to spend £150 to change the font can enjoy Typography Scrabble too. The third edition is $49.99 (about £35) and comes with solid wooden tiles and racks, and exclusive designs for the board and scorepad. We could tell you what the fonts are, but that’s no fun, is it?

Scrabble Typography (3rd edition) doesn’t currently ship to the UK, but you can get around that with services like MyUS. Or, you know, by getting your American friend to buy you one. And if you want to buy the really swish walnut one, you’ll find it here for $199. Moneybags.

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