You can now use Google Translate inside any Android app

No more annoying switching between apps

We wouldn’t call it a day-ruining problem, but there’s no denying that when you come across a piece of text in another language you’d like to translate it can be irritating to have to fiddle around with copy and paste before moving out of the app to get to Google Translate. Fortunately, Google are aware of this and have announced that they’re rolling out some big improvements for the tool.

The first improvement is the Tap to Translate function on Android which will mean no more switching between apps to translate text. Instead, if you see something you’d like to translate you simply have to copy the text and the option to see a translation will pop up right there in the app. The feature will work with all 103 of Google Translate’s languages.

Other features include making Offline Mode, already available on Android, available to iOS users too. Offline Mode, as the name suggests, lets users access Google’s translation tools offline. Google have made this possible by using “small offline packages” of 25 MB each which means that when you’re connected to the internet you can download the dictionary for one of the 52 languages available in this mode, store it on your phone without taking up too much room, and use it anywhere, connection or no connection.

The final improvement is adding recognition of both Simplified and Traditional Chinese to the Word Lens feature. Word Lens also works offline and it allows you to hold your phone’s camera up to a piece of text on a sign or a menu and see an instant translation appear on your screen.

All of the updates will be rolling out across iOS and Android devices over the next few days. With the world becoming smaller, it’s good to see that Google are still working on improvements for Translate, making it an increasingly useful travel companion.

Via Google