This cute accessory turns your phone’s torch into a mini lamp

The perfect reading light providing you don't do all your reading on your phone

The torches on our phones are useful in an emergency but their blinding light akin to a Hyperbeam attack isn’t suited at all to every day use and you’d certainly never use it as a reading light lest it burn a hole in the page. What it really needs is some kind of lampshade to diffuse the brightness and that’s exactly what this collection of cute accessories does.

Designed by Nazzareno Ruspolini, this small collection of 3D-printed lamps simply clips onto the side of your phone and sits atop the torch to create a pleasant glow. The collection is called Ibat Jour and it features lamps in four different shapes possibly to make up for the fact that the only colour that appears to be available is white.

Sure, the lamps only have a limited amount of uses since most of the time you’ll want to have your phone in your hand. not supporting a 3D-printed lamp but it’s hard to deny that they’d make a cute reading lamp or be useful during a power cut or when you’re out camping. It’s not entirely clear on Ruspolini’s website how you can purchase the lamps but you can get in touch with him through it or even use them as inspiration for your own 3D-printing project!

Image © Nazzareno Ruspolini