Get the raiding party round for tea, there’s a World of Warcraft cookbook coming

If you cook everything in the book you can award yourself with the Chef title

Cookbooks that are dedicated to bringing the food from our favourite geeky worlds have proven to be incredibly popular, just look at this list of our favourites in addition to the recently announced Pokemon cookbook. It’s hardly surprising, like our own world, a lot of the customs in the universes involve feasting and when they feast it’s on things that look absolutely delicious. Even though most of the recipes are nothing more than gimmicks there’s something about calling even a plain slab of bread Lembas bread that manages to make it more enjoyable.

So, what’s the next book being released that will push you even closer to becoming the host of a themed dinner party? It’s a World of Warcraft recipe book, of course! World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook is due to be released by Simon and Schuster this coming October, just as the cold weather settles in and you find you and your raiding party need to fill yourselves up with some heavy Azerothian cuisine to keep up your strength.

World of Warcraft is full of weird and wonderful recipes and some of those that feature in the book actually look and sound pretty tasty, including the beer basted boar ribs, sweet almond pastry Rylak claws, gooey sweet potato bread, and spicy dragonbreath chili that we’d love to wash down with some cherry grog. The recipes look like they vary in difficulty and effort to prepare but we imagine there’s something there for every level of cook, including those who prefer easy mode. One thing’s for sure, the food photography in the book is outstanding because every sample recipe left us salivating.

Images: Amazon

World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook will be released in hardback on October 18th for £24.16. You can pre-order it from Amazon now, where you’ll also find even more sample recipes if you want to tease your tastebuds.

Image: Amazon