Geeky find of the week: space pops

We think they'll taste out of this world

At Gadgette we love everything to do with space – the mysteries, the discoveries, the possibilities, and the inability to hear trolls scream. By extension we love when Earth-bound things have a space theme that will let us show off our love, be it galaxy patterned clothes or desktop lunar globes.The latest piece of space merchandise we’ve set a trajectory for are these planetary lollipops.

There are ten of them in total featuring the 8 planets, the Sun and, we’re happy to say, our favourite little reject Pluto. They look almost too good to eat, but considering the flavours sound seriously yummy, ranging from strawberry and kiwi, to key lime, to marshmallow we think we probably wouldn’t be able to resist for long. We also don’t really want to pass up the opportunity to hand someone Uranus when they inevitably ask if they can try one.

A set of 10 lollipops with their own box and flavour card costs $29.99 (£21) plus £6.75 shipping from ThinkGeek.

Image: ThinkGeek